About KBK


I’m so glad to have you visit and I hope that you enjoy some of my creations.


It all started with cards...... As a child, I would see my mother regularly check her address book/date book (the same one she has to this day) and send cards for all occasions. As I grew up the idea of sending physical cards started to die out, being overtaken by technology but my mother never stopped sending traditional cards. I distinctly remember the expressions of love and gratitude on people’s faces when they would comment about how special it was to receive a card from my mother.


So, I started getting the traditional store-bought cards and sent them like I had seen my mother do for years. Then one day a family friend gave me one of the first edition Cricut cutting machines that she did not use anymore. My whole life changed. I started making my own cards to send to people. At first, they weren’t so good; they were pretty terrible actually and for a long time they weren’t very good. Haha.  At the time I didn’t think they were so bad so I sent them anyways and the response I got was so fulfilling. I just loved that people looked forward to getting a card for me and how much they appreciated that it was handmade and sent by mail not just a button clicked on the computer.


Kyla Creating

As time went on, I saved up my money and bought a newer, fancier cutting machine and learned new techniques, styles, and even started making more than just cards.


I have sent my cards to family and friends for years. But in the last couple of years, I’ve really expanded my ‘creations.’ I remember distinctly the first person who placed an official paid order for custom Christmas cards. I was so excited that someone else had seen the value in making someone smile as much as I did.




Recently, I have gotten a lot of requests to have more of a place that people can view what I am doing; a shop I guess you’d call it. :). I never do any order for the money, every item I’ve ever made was done with the intention of bringing a smile to the recipients’ face. As cliche as it might sound, I just would like to spread a little love, brighten people’s day and even if just for a moment, make someone feel special.​

The idea of putting out what I make for everyone to see is very scary to me because I’m such a perfectionist and as my brother says I am ‘risk averse.’ After hitting a rough patch in life, I wanted to do something to feel empowered, to get some positivity back so I decided I was finally going to do what I had talked about for a long time.

So here we go!

Welcome to the adventure and I am happy to introduce officially Kards By Kyla!

 Love Always,